The concept

Offer software development at reasonable prices as a problem solution for every desired application area. A simple tool to facilitate an easy workflow or a complex application on the basis of Windows or as a javascript application?

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team_visionThe Vision

The required application is created in close cooperation with the customer, piece by piece. On request the application grows modular with the demands and opportunities of the customer.

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The Claim


With more than 30 years of experience in the field of software and software development in both the customer orders area, as well successfully with a series of own projects, I'm able to successfully implement your project. I served a whole series of base customers for many years with various projects and applications.

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My references

IIn my long professional practice, with the addition to the own software developments, I did, of course, a great number of other customer projects. A selection of these can be found in separate references. There, the projects are briefly described.

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